Great product model SV12014

This review is from: UltraRadiance: SV12014 ProDeluxe SkinVac Microdermabrasion System with New 2014 Ultra Bullet Vacuum and 2 “Forever” Diamond Tips (Misc.)

I have used other manufactures products before. I read the reviews and decided on this one. I am so happy I did. It is a good quality system at a fantastic price. It came in a nice compact metal carrying case. This is convenient when I do house calls. The vacuum has good suction, which is important to provide good blood flow and to plump the skin. The 2 face tips work really well. There is one for normal and one for sensitive skin. I also purchased several other tips. The body tip has a larger width. It is good for the upper chest and neck areas. The nose tips are narrow and they are great at blackhead removal and also as a lip plumper. The pedicure tip is a must for calluses. The organic edibles lotion line they sell is a perfect finisher. There is no alcohol or water added. I use a fraction of the amount that I used with regular lotions. This system will remove sun damage, fine lines, and age spots. I highly recommend this product and company. Good products at a great value!

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