Cleaning your SkinVac

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Cleaning and Maintaining SkinVacMD


Step 1

  •   Clean skin surface with alcohol or preferred cleanser and water
  •  Dry skin
  •  Clean microdermabrasion tip with alcohol and air dry
  •  Attach universal cylindrical microdermabrasion attachment to abrasive tip
  •  Turn on power of vacuum


Step 2

  •  Test suction on inner skin of forearm or back of hand
  •  Adjust air regulator/ suction on universal attachment to level of suction comfortable for skin

Step 3

  •  Apply tip to face skin and with light pressure move wand evenly in broad strokes over the skin of forehead and cheeks, nose, and chin
  •  May repeat several passes over an area until skin is lightly pink or refreshed.
  • Do not treat eyelids, ears, or lips without proper tips.
  • Remove wand from face skin
  • May apply non irritating lotion or sunscreen to skin after treatment
  • Turn off vacuum unit
  • Clean off abrasive tip with alcohol, dry,  and store.



SkinVacMDTM “Forever” Nose, Under eye, & Lip plumper Tips ( D100-250  6mm and 8mm tips)





Directions: Use with Microdermabrasion Wand and Machine.


Both tips may be used interchangeably for these areas. The higher the engraved D# on your stainless steel electroplated diamond flakes tip, the finer the grain and lighter the treatment. For example the D150 is gentler than the D100 tip.


1. After cleansing face skin, gently pat dry well.

2. Clean “Forever” tip with simple rubbing alcohol and dry well prior to use.

3. Screw “Forever”  tip onto universal microderm wand.

4. For under eye dark circles  and crowe’s feet lines, gently glide tip/wand across the area- always moving toward the nose.

Maximum 2-3 passes per treatment session. Afterwards, rub in  premium cream like a single droplet of

Organicos Edibles to eyelids.  Repeat treatment once a week as needed.

Overtreatment or improper use may lead to scrapes and scratches.

6.   For nose congestion and blackheads, use either tip for 4-6 passes across the nose in an upward direction. Option to pre-treat the nose with a glycolic toner pad ( like Ultra Radiance)  prior to microdermabrasion.  To avoid stinging and irritation, do not apply any glycolics or fragranced lotions after microdermabrasion.

7. For lip plumping, use the finest tip and extremely gently glide treatment tip across the red border of the lips.

Do not treat lips if have cold sores or often get cold sores as rubbing this sensitive skin may trigger cold sores in susceptible individuals. Afterwards, rub in  a premium cream like a single droplet of  Organicos Edibles to lips.



Simple Cleaning your “Forever” Tips:

  • Simple rubbing alcohol poured on the tip is advised after each personal use.
  • Tips should be fully dry before use for best skin exfoliation.
  • Do not aggressively scrub or rub the tips with brushes.
  • For Professional/Medical  use- we recommend autoclaving between clients, cold sterilizer solutions, or prolonged ultraviolet sterilizing as used by estheticians.
  • Tips may be placed in an ultrasonic cleanser or  home jewelry cleaner.
  • Do not share tips without fully sterilizing.
  • Holistic interval refresher:

Once every month or couple of months depending on use, a holistic and natural cleanser is a white vinegar soak for 10-30 minutes.  This vinegar soak gently removes all skin debris from the tips, providing a fresh, exfoliating surface.



Cautions before Use
Microdermabrasion should not be used if you have any pre-existing skin or medical conditions including undiagnosed lesions, warts, sunburn, pregnancy, vascular lesions, skin cancer, active rosacea recent herpes outbreak, taking oral blood thinners or anti-coagulants, unstable diabetes mellitus, disorders of the auto-immune system.

If you have any queries about conditions that may be aggravated by the use of microdermabrasion home treatments you should consult your physician or dermatologist before you begin using the microdermabrasion System.

Please do not attempt to use tips without a microdermabrasion machine.

Similarly, kindly do not use on broken or red skin, or rashes. Microdermabrasion is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Seek medical care for any signs of broken skin or skin infections prior to use.


SkinVacTM, SkinVacMDTM, UltraRadianceTM, and VacubrasionTM are all  registered trademarks.



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