Study shows Microdermabrasion helps with skin aging

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As seen in ModernMedicine

Rough Microdermabrasion May Be Better for Skin RemodelingStudy finds coarse-grit induces dermal remodeling not seen with medium-grit


Following a study by Dr. Darius J. Karimipour, M.D., of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, conclusions included clinical response from microdermabrasion. Dr. Karimipour studied 40 adults aged 50 to 83 years with sun damage.  After focal microdermabrasion, small skin biopsies showed good response to microdermabrasion with decreased signs of damage.

His studies show the subjects who underwent coarse grain microdermabrasion had better results than medium grain.

Per this doctor, “Optimization of these molecular effects is likely the result of more aggressive treatment with a more abrasive hand piece.  “To the extent that molecular changes can predict clinical outcome, aggressive coarse-grit microdermabrasion should elicit significant skin rejuvenation. Further studies will determine whether microdermabrasion, if performed aggressively, has the capacity to become a worthwhile resurfacing procedure that results in noticeable cosmetic improvement while minimizing patient morbidity and downtime.”

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