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US skincare manufacturer UltraRadiance has launched the SkinVacMD, a microdermabrasion system for acne prone skin.

The system, which claims to remove dead skin cells for a smoother complexion, is a home-use device that permits dry microdermabrasion using two sterilisable, multi-use stainless steel tips and a universal air-flow regulator.

The company developed the system to help patients maintain their skin quality between appointments with practitioners.

Currently distributed on Amazon, the company is working on plans for the system to be distributed in clinics across the UK.


UltraRadiance Launches OrganicO for Management of Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis Skin

UltraRadiance International introduces OrganicO Moisturizer, an organic topical cream formulated for the management of eczema and atopic dermatitis in adults, children and infants.

Laguna Hills, CA, September 24, 2015 –(– UltraRadiance International introduces OrganicO Premium Moisturizer, formulated specifically for the needs of eczema and atopic dermatitis skin. OrganicO Premium Moisturizer soothes itching associated with skin affected by eczema and atopic dermatitis. This product enhances the skin’s ability to restore hydration and help repair the epidermal barrier as part of a dermatologist-recommended daily routine for the management of eczema.

Symptoms of eczema include severe itching, scratching, bleeding skin and sleep disturbance. The most common form of eczema is atopic dermatitis, a disorder of the skin’s immune system that most often appears in infancy. Up to 85% of children are diagnosed with eczema before the age of 5. The discomfort of eczema can be particularly distressing for children who are irritable, want to be held and experience pain while being bathed. Their parents are also affected by the emotional demands these children may have.

People suffering with eczema and atopic dermatitis lack the production of natural moisturizing factors that serves as a barrier against viruses and bacteria and may have a deficiency in ceramides which hold skin cells together to form a healthy skin barrier. The lack of natural moisturizing factors and ceramides is what may exacerbate eczema and atopic dermatitis symptoms, leaving the skin dry, itchy and painful.

OrganicO works to help restore the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture utilizing simple ingredients such as sustainable cold-pressed palm oil and vegetable glycerin. These ingredients help restore natural moisturizing factors in the skin and help rebuild a healthy skin barrier. OrganicO Moisturizer is intended to fit into the dermatologist-recommended daily management for eczema.

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UltraRadiance™ Introduces Simple, Holistic and Edible Baby Lotion

UltraRadiance™ introduces ButterBall Baby™, an all-natural, organic and edible baby lotion for sensitive and eczema prone skin.

Laguna Hills, CA, September 04, 2015 –(– As most people know, babies have incredibly soft skin, but their skin is also extremely sensitive. Diaper rash, eczema, and dry skin are common ailments that babies and their parents encounter. There are countless types of lotions, creams and washes that are supposed to treat these conditions, but do we know for sure how the baby’s skin will react to a certain lotion?

If you have ever looked on the ingredients list of a bottle of baby lotion, chances are that you have seen ingredients such as dimethicone, methylparaben, and fragrance. At first glance, you might ask yourself “what on earth is that?” and “is this really something I want to be rubbing into my child’s skin?” If you were to do some research on these ingredients, you would find that these ingredients are not as safe as you would think to be putting on your baby.

The Southern California skin care company, UltraRadiance™, takes you away from the long, confusing list of ingredients in baby lotion and introduces you to ButterBall Baby™. ButterBall Baby is a pure, simple, organic and edible baby lotion that has only 3 easy to understand ingredients. The ingredients in this premium baby lotion are 100% high quality food grade products, so you do not have to worry when you find your baby gnawing on their hands after lathering them with this ultra-rich lotion.

ButterBall Baby is hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for eczema prone skin and for preventing diaper rash. Additionally, there are no artificial fragrances in ButterBall Baby, as the great scent you may encounter comes from all-natural, organic ingredients such as cold pressed orange or lemon peel.

Tested and recommended by U.S. Dermatologists, ButterBall Baby is a natural, safe and holistic choice when searching for baby lotion.


Say Goodbye to Cellulite with LipoVacMD™ by UltraRadiance™

Say goodbye to stubborn cellulite with the non-invasive LipoVacMD system by UltraRadiance.

Laguna Hills, CA, August 27, 2015 –(– Even though we live in a time where people care more about their appearance than ever before, cellulite remains an issue for most women. Cellulite is the uneven, dimpled and orange peel-like texture that appears most commonly on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen of about 85% of post-pubescent females. For some women, losing weight, eating right and exercising still does not help with the stubborn appearance of their cellulite.

LipoVacMD™ is UltraRadiance’s non-invasive solution for reducing the appearance of cellulite. LipoVacMD is similar to commercially available Endermologie™ treatments that are offered at prices reaching thousands of dollars for a series of treatments. FDA registered as an over the counter device, LipoVacMD utilizes suction from a vacuum and massage to help tone and tighten the skin while improving the overall appearance of cellulite. The suction and massage help by releasing built up lymphatic fluids and increasing lymphatic flow, resulting in a noticeably smoother skin texture.

This system is simple and safe enough to be used by yourself at home and costs much less than a series of professional treatments. UltraRadiance introduces their turnkey system, LipoVacMD ProDeluxe Kit, at a starting price of $399.99. Using the LipoVacMD system 1-2 times per week for about 5 minutes per body part will safely, softly and naturally improve the look and feel of your skin.


UltraRadiance™ Introduces SkinVacMD™ Into the Fight Against Acne

SkinVacMD™ introduces the most effective addition to the fight against acne.

Laguna Hills, CA, August 17, 2015 –(– Even though we live in a time where people care more about their appearance than ever before, acne still remains a struggle for most people. An estimated 80% of all people between the ages 11-30 have acne outbreaks at some point. Acne breakouts can be a blow to your self-esteem, and even though there are countless cleansers and creams that are supposed to treat the breakouts, sometimes nothing you try works.

SkinVacMD™ by UltraRadiance™ takes you away from the expensive cleansers and in a different direction. SkinVacMD™ is an FDA registered over the counter microdermabrasion system that was clinically tested by a US Dermatologist. The SkinVacMD™ system addresses the problem at a deeper level, utilizing an abrasive diamond tip and suction from a vacuum to gently exfoliate and clear clogged pores, resulting in instantly smoother skin and a reduction in breakouts after just a few treatments. Traditionally you could receive a series of these treatments by your doctor or esthetician, but that can get expensive.

This system is simple and safe enough to be used by yourself at home and costs less than a single series of treatments in a professional office. UltraRadiance™ introduces their turnkey system, SkinVacMD™ ProDeluxe Kit, at a starting price of just $174.99. Combining weekly SkinVacMD™ treatments of just 5 minutes with your traditional skin care routine will help you control your breakouts and return your self-confidence.

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 January 27, 2015

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SkinVacMD  receives top recognition from Amazon executives for 2012 Holiday Season.


Amazon Top Holiday Seller 2012


SkinVacMD  Receives accolades for outstanding customer service A+ Rating 2012. 


Press Huffington Post 2012:

Each year, millions of dollars are spent in the U.S. alone in plastic surgeon and dermatology offices on “lunchtime” cosmetic procedures including Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, peels, and microdermabrasion. American women and men are all wanting to look fresher and feel better about themselves.

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We are all moving more toward letting our outside appearance reflect what is on the inside. Unlimited bank accounts and spending is a thing of the past. Even the ultra wealthy are watching the all mighty cosmetic buck.

Of course, the professionals don’t like to let all of their treatment secrets out, but increasingly there are more and more safe and effective home treatments available for many things inlcuding laser hair removal, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

So many minor medical procedures and services from laser hair removal to attaching a home IV therapy (physician prescribed) can be done by a regular Joe with no formal medical training. Medical products previously only available to medical professionals are now FDA approved and on the mass market for purchase.

SkinVac MD by Vacubrasion: Natural suction stimulation of circulation


Prices for these goods seems to be somewhat dropping and markets like Amazon andEbay make many cosmetic devices and products only a few clicks away. While there are clearly things that only a trained physician should do, there are a good number of things that we can and perhaps should be able to do in the comfort and convenience of our own home spa.

Here is where the savings start for a typical woman who is in her early 30’s.

Doctor: Microdermabrasion $150

Light Chemical Peel $75


At Home: Microdermabrasion $0.50

20% Glycolic Chemical Peel $0.50

Here we have a potential savings of $224++ by simply having these 2 procedures on the convenience of her time and at the comfort of her home. It is hard to put a relative price tag on the wait time at the doctor’s office, the inconvenience of and time required to drive to an office, and the gas and car expenses.


Woman Receiving Botox Injection

While home kits are available on many sources, we have found none as reliable and easy as Amazon. As the people’s favorite, there really is no easier shopping or faster. Before you blink your eyes, you find your credit card was charged and there is a “Thank you for your order” message. There are many great choices in products but we have narrowed down our top picks into these few favorites. Our first pick is the 20% Glycolic Toner Pads by Citrix as found on Amazon at $24.99. This jar gives you 60 pads at a rough cost of $0.42 per peel. These are not the strongest peels on Amazon, but they are safe, easy to use, and hygenic.The pads are pre-soaked in natural sugar cane acids and are easy to wipe on your face and neck. A big advantage with peel wipes is that they don’t drip in your eyes.

Our second pick is SkinVacMD by Vacubrasion at $29.99 on Amazon. Vacubrasion is the simplest and best priced home microdermabrasion on the market today. This patent pending technology provides everyone with a home vacuum equal and affordable access to home microdermabrasion. SkinVacMD helps to gently improve skin complexion,acne scars, pore size, and for all skin types. The company’s mantra is simplicity. Unlike other companies, Vacubrasion has no consumables and no monthly expenses. Vacubrasion’s hand held device uses none of the chemicals and aluminum oxide as some outdated microdermabrasion systems. The only cost to operate the SkinVacMD is the electricity you will use to operate your vacuum.


There are many microdermabrasion creams that cost around $30-$95 a jar. But when the jar runs out, so does your investment. It may be best to stick with a microdermabrasion machine, and save on the monthly expense of these creams.

Your savings from these lighter procedures can go along way toward saving for twice a year Botox and fillers- things that you actually will need a doctor for.




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