SkinVacMD – by UltraRadiance

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SkinVacMD is a revolutionary microdermabrasion system, with little to no upkeep and no maintenance costs or consumables. SkinVac is a professional quality microdermabrasion machine  and an outstanding  investment for those with acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, or light to moderate signs of skin aging. (Contact and information available HERE!)



Many microdermabrasion at-home creams cost $10-$95, which usually provides about 20-30 treatments, while some can be over $100. Once the jar is used up, so is your initial investment. These microdermabrasion creams often use the aluminum oxide crystals or other sand-like fine debris to help manually exfoliate the skin. Multiple vendors, including L’Oréal, offer a microdermabrasion cream kit for average of $10-$30. Nubrilliance costs well over $200.

SkinVacMD’s patent pending technology was co-developed through the collaborative efforts of physicians and an aerospace engineer. SkinVacMD permits wet and dry microdermabrasion using 2 sterilizeable and multi-use stainless steel tips and a universal air flow regulator. There are no consumables or replacement tips required with SkinVacMD. Head to head U.S. clinical trials by Board Certified Dermatologists showed SkinVacMD was comparable in suction and clinical efficacy to market professional microdermabrasion machines costing more than 100 times SkinVac’s remarkable price.