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Best quality product, super fast shipping and great customer service!

Feb 06, 2016 by PoochMania

Best Quality for good price and the awesome customer service! It's hard to find the company that delivers All! I LOVE IT!

I love this tips and works WELL! Price is awesome. Where can you get 2 high quality tips that last forever for this price? I am so glad to found this product. And, you get the answers that you are looking for within a few hours if you send them an email.

The tips that I had came with when I purchase N.B. Microdermabrasion machine from TV infomercial. But the tip didn't last long at all and plastic tips that connect to the wand cracked and the oval shape sand paper tips (supposedly diamond tips, but it seem like no better than fine sand paper) all came off. I use superglue to put them back on to get more use out of it without replacing the tips so soon after purchase the machine. But, when plastic housing that holds this sandpaper like tips cracked, I had no choice, but looking for replacement of the tips.

I am so thankful that I found SkinVac by Vacubrasion. Not only this is 'Forever" tips, this is professional quality and works well! Cleaning tips takes less than a few second. Plus - this doesn't require filter! One less supply to worry about. :)

Best part is, SkinVac by Vacubrasion sells wands and tips that fit on my N.B. Microdermabrasion's silicon hose perfectly. So, if anyone have same issue with your Microdermabrasion that needs replacement tips, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company's product.

Scar free Ultra Compact

Feb 06, 2016 by Melissa L

I have been amazed by my SkinVacMD machine. I'm a "sun-baby" and have (had) several sun spots as well as quite a few acne scars that have bothered me for years. I call my this "Magic Skin Machine". Trust me, I've tried a lot of products and like usual, I hoped with this I would get at least a little satisfaction. MAN OH MAN, did I ever. My skin spots are fading, old acne scars are almost gone. My self-confidence level has shot through the roof. I no longer feel that I have to pack on the make-up to cover the imperfections of my skin. I would recommend this product to everyone. This seller included a very detailed description for each piece that was very helpful and they have awesome customer service. Thank you thank you!!

Dramatic Results

Feb 06, 2016 by CPR

After researching many similar products, I chose this one because this kit came with everything I would need. Plus American made is very important to me. The face wash and Glycolic really enhance the effects of the vacubrasion. The Organico lotion is super concentrated makes my skin super smooth. The vacuum is really strong. The kit is compact and fits easily in my bathroom cabinet. I did not expect great results this soon. I am happy I made this purchase. It is a bargain. Thank you Skinvac. I recommend this product!

Great Investment

Feb 06, 2016 by Lyzelon

I bought the SkinVac after experiencing a demonstration in Las Vegas. I think its a brilliant investment and I am very impressed with the Diamond tips. I like that I can change the levels of suction for delicate areas on the face. My face has never felt so soft, Im using it once a week and its been fantastic. Got rid of that dry skin on my calves. Was great for my hubbys face for his ingrown hairs.many benefits.
And together with their OrganicO cream they have, its perfect duo. Love it

Love this product

Feb 06, 2016 by KT

I absolutely love this product! I have mild to moderate acne and have never felt like my skin was smooth and soft like I wanted. I tried this diamond tip on my SkinVac for the first time this week and I could not stop touching my skin because it was so smooth! It took off the dullness and left me with clean, smooth looking skin. I can't wait to continue using it to see how it improves my complexion.

Great Product

Feb 06, 2016 by Debraon

I had been looking for an at home micro-dermabrasion system, but balked at the cheap-looking all-in-one gadgets that looked like they would break easily. Also, I did not want to bother with continually replacing filters and tips. The SkinVacMD is easy to use, easy to clean. The inter-changeable tips are a nice weight and fit tightly on the wand. These smaller tips are perfect for around the nose and closer to the mouth. I experience no "downtime". I can leave the house right after a treatment. I bought a small shop vac for this use, the hose fits perfectly. Customer service responded to my inquiry quickly. Genius!

Great Wand!

Feb 06, 2016 by Marshoan

I love using the wand, it is makes microderming easy and comfortabe and gives me a professional experience. I can do microdermabrasion the same with the other attachement as far as results, but the wand gives you extra hose link making it easier and more comfortable to move around.

Magic Cream (butterball body cream)

Feb 06, 2016 by Natalie

Everybody who will try this cream will absolutely love it. It makes your skin become so soft. I don't want to use any other creams after trying this product. Just give it a try and you'll see great results.

but it works really great

Feb 04, 2015 by CaroleO "Carole"

Jan. 20, 2015

It's a bit awkward to use, considering you have to connect it to a vacuum, but it really works great. It's not as harsh of my skin as I thought it might be.

My Face Is So Clean!

Feb 04, 2015 by Homeschool Mom "J.C."

Jan. 31, 2015
Y'All, this is a wonderful product! I used it for the first time today and I'm so pleased. I have oily, aging skin and it just seemed like it was getting harder and harder to keep it nice. Now my face feels cleaner and softer than it has in a long time! And the kit is complete! Nothing else to buy.

UltraRadiance by SkinVacMD , USA 5.0 5.0 145 145 I've had this machine for several months now and still love it. It is the same or very similar to the one at a spa where I used to get facials. My daughter and I both use it (you c

SkinVacMD by Vacubrasion
Feedback Rating:

5.0 stars over the past 12 months

I haven’t used it to much yet, because I am waiting for some of the areas to heal before using this on them. The Dr used one in her office to show how it worked and I ordered mine when I got home.Donna Kaye H., September 11, 2012

Home spa massage

This is exactly what I was looking for–I am using this on a weekly basis at home in between chemical peels. I love it–my skin feels soft, smooth and looks more youthful. Thank you! ”  Maria D, September 2, 2012

Vacubrasion Mini Kit
Feedback Rating:

Good for acne!I tried this today and it is amazing! Its really easy to use and makes your face really soft too! All you have to do is attach it to your vacumn cleaner and basically vacumn your face with it, it’s super simple. I did only half of my face and I could feel the difference between the half that I did and the half that I didn’t do and it was really cool! This is also great for acne because after you use it, it significantly reduces the amount of zits you have.“ Lalan July 12, 2012

brow before after

Effective& easy home use microdermabrasionWe picked this up as an extra microderm unit to have around the house for quick treatments. For the price, it was a no brainer. It snaps on in less than a second to our vacuum. No problems with cleaning it with an alcohol wipe. Kit came with a couple of cleaning pads that we used initially. It is effective and easy to use at home.”  Dean B., July 12, 2012


I love this home microdermabrasion device!This Simple device is very useful and effective. For the price I paid compared to what I would’ve paid at my doctor’s office, this a great deal. It works well and I can do it on my time. It fits perfectly to my vacuum machine at home.”  Lili, September 2, 2012

Great!!I really love this product! My skin is so much smoother and just looks so fresh. I love the way that it feels when I use it as well! Thanks so much! booboo13, October 31, 2012

Basic Home Microdermabrasion Kit
Feedback Rating:

Great Product! “I just received this today and I just finished using it for the first time. I am very pleased. I bought a Nubrilliance on a trial 10 days ago and used it a few times. I was looking to purchase replacement tips for it and I came across the Vacubrasion kit. I decided to order it and I would decide which was better. I am packing up the Nub. and sending it back tomorrow. This Vacubrasion works 100% better. I have a Shark vacuum, a Bissell and a shopvac. The included attachment works with the shopvac but not with the other two. Luckily I had another attachment that I had from a shedaway pet brush that was a little bigger and it all hooked together to go onto my Shark. In the future I may purchase a 1.5 gallon shopvac to use just for this, but for now I am very happy with my purchase. It came at a great price, It arrived quickly and was packaged very nicely. The results on my face were much better with this tip. It smooths over your face easily and feels like a professional microdermabrasion. After some time I will come back to comment on future results. As for now, I highly recommend this product.” Denise Hosey, January 17, 2013


Love it!! “I’ve been using this for more than 6 weeks and love it! My skin looks and feels so much better. My acne scars are starting to disappear! It hooks right up to my vacuum. Totally recommend it!!.” Jennifer M., January 3, 2013

Studio portrait of young woman with eyes closed

BUY THIS, NOT THE ELECTRIC MODEL FROM CHINA! “This attaches to your vacuum cleaner. NO filters, NO electrical problems, just the dermabrasion tip. That’s really all you need. Takes up little space and comes in a black storage bag. I am so glad I found this before I wasted money on a complete unit that requires filters and may only work for a short time due to cheap chinese electrical work.” Robin Muchow, December 26, 2012


Effective and recommended product “Have been using this product for a few months now and have noticed much smoother skin on my face and hands. Skinvac is easy to use at home with my existing vacuum. It is much more convenient and economical than a visit to the spa or doctors’ office. Highly recommended.IR 360, December 3, 2012


SkinVac MD byVacubrasion “When I first ordered this product it didn’t work with any of my vacuum cleaners so I returned it to Amazon. The company contacted me about my problem and asked for my suggestions on how to improve it. I sent them some ideas like including an adaptor and providing more detail about its use in owner’s guide. They promptly responded which was a very pleasant surprise. Then they sent me a new version of the product. It worked beautifully and I have been using it twice a week since then with wonderful results. I am very impressed with both their product and outstanding customer service.Mrs. Smith, November 29, 2012

A young blonde woman examining a facial blemish

Love it! As good as at the medical spa! “I recieved my vacubrasion two and half weeks ago and I love it! I have had microdermbrasion done on and off over the years at spas both medical and not. I have to say this is just as strong as all the treatments I have recieved and paid $85 and up for. My main concern are fine lines, brown spots from sun damage and acne scars. I have done 3 treatments since recieving it and have notice a differnce in my skin. First it is super soft, which anyone who has had microderm knows that feeling. Second my line are still there but less noticeable like my brown spots. My red acne scars are almost gone, didn’t have many. As far as the deeper acne scars, since they are not super deep I think that I will get good results on the next months-I will keep you posted. Also my skin is getting a very even tone. Needless to say I still will never go to the spa for microderm again, there is no need now.
The system is super easy to use and the diamond tips last virtually forever so it is a great investent for $70.00. All you do is screw the diamond tip into the wand, attach the wand to the clear hose, then attached the hose to your vacum tools attachment. Then turn on your vacuum (make sure it is set on tools) and go about microderming you face. The suction is regulated through the attachments the kit comes with so don’t worry you won’t suck your face off! Also, if you don’t want to use the wand with the hose, you can use the black attachment in your kit and attach that to your vacuum hose and screw your diamond tip into that.I think it is important to watch some microdermbrasion videos so you know the direction to go with the daimond tip on the face.I had bought Nubrillance (suction got week very fast, returned it) in the past and it had a book with these directions so that is how I know plus from getting treatements. You Tube is suppose to have videos which help as well. Vacubrasion has AMAZING customer service so if you have any questions just go to their website and call or email them. I used email and always got fast timely very helpful responses ,their email is So if you have never done microderm on your skin then I recommend to send them an email and ask them the directions to go on the face.
As far as cleanup I dip the tips fastly in rubbing alcohol and let them dry in a very clean place and wipe the hoses, I store everything in a clean place away from other stuff in my bedroom.
One more thing I also notice that when using the diamond face tip I get more suction if I don’t use the clear hose/wand attachment and just use the black attachment the kit comes with where you screw the diamond tip into the end. The difference isn’t much but there is a slight difference. When using the body tip (ordered seperately, it is rounder and bigger) I notice it has more suction attached to the clear hose on the wand.
I highly recommend this item if you enjoy getting microdermbrasion treatments but don’t enjoy the price!“ Marsha, November 19, 2012

Close-up of a woman's hands applying lotion

Fast easy resultsFirst I was really impressed with the quality and dexterity of the professional grade microderm tips and handle. Second, I was a timid about doing microderm to myself but it was very easy and the kit is user friendly. As long as you have a vacuum that the attachment will fit to you can do your own microdermabrasion with professional results. My face is as smooth as if I just left a professional office. If you are interested in microdermabrasion I highly recommend this product. Steph, October 25, 2012


Love it!I’ve been using the vacubrasion for a few weeks now and I just love how smooth my skin is after using it. It’s very easy to use and it only takes a few minutes. The result is better than any product I’ve used in the past. The best part is you don’t have to keep buying replacement parts. It’s made to last a long time. I just clean the tip with alcohol wipes and it’s ready for use. Msg August 13, 2012

SkinVac MD by Vacubrasion: Natural suction stimulation of circulation

Best microdermabrasion, Super value, no monthly fees or extra tipsSkinvac has been a great purchase. We found it new on the market last month and thought it was worth a try for acne scars. A lot of problems with older home microdermabrasion have been loss of suction. We have consistent suction and love the sturdy hand piece and diamond tip. We received it new and paid just under $50 as a new launch price. My wife and I both use it a couple of times a week for a couple of minutes. We both instantly felt the difference and had visibly smoother skin. The microdermabrasion was easy to use with no assembly. It is louder overall than other units. The company is not trying to get you on monthly tip replacement fees or crystals, brushes, etc. We had tried another brand from Sephora and amazon; they did not have nearly the same suction and just felt much less substantial. Highly recommend skinvac for the value and durability of the microdermabrasion”  Afflec22, July 12, 2012

Pro Deluxe Home Microdermabrasion Kit
Feedback Rating:


I Asolutley LOVE my skin vaci absolutely love my skin vac, i feel like i made a smart investment in buying this product, as im not spending thousands of dollars in getting similar treatment at a specialist office. i have been using this product for a few weeks now and i already saw results in just a couple of weeks, its helped reduced the red spots on my face and made my skin feeling smoother and cleaner. Skin Vac is so simple and easy to use i love it! i would most definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to save money and get awesome results. just FYI i think this would be the perfect Christmas gift :) i would definitely recommend skin Vac to my friends and family.” rimapat, October 24, 2012


Love it!This is a GREAT product! It is a great price, has awesome suction, and works. It does what it says and is easy to use- even for the uncoordinated. It felt slightly stronger than the really expensive professional microdermabrasion machines out there. I use it a couple of times a week to exfoliate and improve circulation in my face and neck. Vacubrasion is definitely something I wish I had found sooner. I have saved more than $120 in microdermabrasion fees in just the last 2 months. J Sm September 12, 2012


Great Product, Great price, Great Suction!I absolutely love this system! At just over $100 including shipping, it was a really solid value. It was ready to work straight out of the box with no assembly and no fuss. The microderm handle came pre-attached and all I did was flip on the small red button. It took just 1 try to get it to work the way I wanted it to. It is quite a bit LOUDER to operate than some of the mini dermabrasion machines(sounds like a vacuum)so I don’t use it right before bed or early in the morning. My kit came with two separate diamond tips (for 2 people)so I gave one to my spouse. He uses it a couple of times a week for a minute or 2 at most, really likes it, and says he can tell a difference in his skin.I watched a couple of YouTube videos again and I followed the easy instructions.I just googled “youtube vacubrasion” and found a couple of 1 minute how to videos. Every time I use this, I have brand new looking skin within a minute or two of using Vacubrasion. My small nose area black heads and pores are cleaned out, my whole face is smooth and glowing. It no problem for me to get these diamond tips to work around my nose.I had some problems with the an older home microdermabrasion machine that used a really big tip (can’t suction my nose area) that you also have to replace almost every month ( extra $20 every month). For a while, I gave up on home microderm machines and was spending more than $40-50 a month on microdermabrasion creams.I really liked the L’Oreal microderm cream and just massaged it on with my fingers. It was a bit messy and usually ran out in less than a month.With this new vacubrasion system, I haven’t needed monthly creams or to keep buying disposable tips. As for my chin and around my jawline, which is my problem area, it has never felt so soft or had such a polished look. I have large pores, so even with regular exfoliation I wasn’t getting them cleaned out. This machine does that. I’ve had no problem with suction, and the great bonus is that I can use the machine for vacuuming up small debris and for my wet/dry vacuuming needs also” Jollyroger88, August 21, 2012


Recommend for all my friends!I have had a few microdermabrasions before, and I can notice that the professional ones are stronger, but this is a close second. When I tested it on my hands, I noticed the skin was smoother. The vacubrasion is convenient, and I don’t have to go to the doctor’s office, and I can use it whenever I feel like it. Just a couple minutes here and there, and I can notice a difference. I would recommend this to my friends!“  Loveit, August 2, 2012


Smoother skin! I received this as a gift. I’ve never tried microdermabrasion before, so I wasn’t sure what to expected at first. But I was immediately impressed by it just after the first use. The parts of my skin that I used it on was really much smoother than other parts of my skin. I mainly us it on my face, before I go out or just whenever I want my skin to feel extra smooth. Just a few quick stokes and I could already see results! And I like how it comes with a vacuum (but if you don’t like the one it comes with, you can also use the tips with any other vacuums you already have). Overall, it’s works well and does what it’s supposed to domissbee, August 1, 2012