Vacubrasion™ Skin Recovery System

PROCEDURE NOTE: Vacubrasion™ Skin Recovery System SRS

Procedure: Medical Grade Microneedling/ DermaRoller & Vacubrasion™ Skin Treatment
Pre-op photos:
Prepare Microneedle: cold sterilizer solution, or Hibiclens prep to device and spray down with alcohol

Pre-operative skin care: May use Hydroquinone 4% cream & tretinoin creamsdaily for 1 week before procedure
For best results, begin Perfect Fading Cream daily for 1 week before procedure
Option to continue your own skin care pre treatment

Pre-operative Precautions: Start Neosporin, Polysporin, or any antibiotic ointment twice a day to inside nostrils
*Keflex 500mg 1 pill 1 hour pre-op/ other antibiotic if Pencillin allergic
*Antibiotic prevention important if have a history of Staph, acne, or nose drainage/scabs

1. Clean skin with Hibiclens or Betadine 1st
2. Clean skin with alcohol.
3. Dry skin
3b*optional* Apply light peel like Jessner’s, or Glycolic acid, or Salicylic acid for 2 minutes & remove fully.
4. Use Vacubrasion™ on skin for 2-5 minutes (run all over face vertical,horizontal, and diagonal directions multiple times)
5. Apply Anesthesia cream: 20 % BLT (Betacaine Lidocaine Tetracaine) or LMX cream to treatment area
about 30-60 minutes pre-op and cover the numbing cream with plastic Saran wrap
6. After 30-60 minutes have passed, remove saran wrap and wipe away numbing cream 1 section at a time.
7. Re-clean skin with Hibiclens or Betadine, followed by an alcohol wipe to remove all cleansers
8. Allow skin to momentarily dry
9. Gently roll multiple (2-10) passes of new dermaroller microneedle device across skin:
Roll in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions. Mimimum pinpont bleeding or spotting is normal.
10. As tolerated, massage in pure, non-irritating serums like green tea,hylauronic, vitamin C ,or Retinol serum.

12. Clean dermaroller in cold sterilizing liquid overnight (or wash w/ Hibiclens & then alcohol) and allow to dry.
13. For skin build up on vacubrasion diamond tip or dermaroller,soak in 1/2 dilute white vinegar for 60 minutes.
12. Label roller with patient name on top and bottom of case. Single patient use only dermalroller.

1. Wash treated skin with Hibiclens or Betadine solution daily ( avoid eyes) for 2 days
2. Neosporin, Polysporin, or any antibiotic ointment twice a day to inside nostrils x 5 days after treatment
3. Keflex prophylaxis 500mg 1 capsule in 6 hrs, and 1 more cap next AM
4. Hat and Sunscreen use daily
5. Light makeup OK next day after procedure.
6. May begin Vacubrasion in 3 days to skin, for 2-3 minutes a session 2-3 times/ week as tolerated.
7. Resume regular skin care products after 3rd day. Also OK to restart retinoids, Retin-A, or Perfect Fading Cream.
8. Return for 2nd Vacubrasion™ SRS touch up session in 2- 3 weeks

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